I had a little concern about putting up photos from the late Seventies.  Why?  Because at my age,  the Seventies were only yesterday!  But think about this:  Most of the people you meet with young children today weren't even BORN yet!  Yes,  time is flying by,  and so I must include photos from the Seventies and even Eighties.  I will start with a few obscure photos and work my way up.  However,  the Greyhound Bus Station (for instance) was still a gem in the late Seventies,  and I have some exceptional photos posted of this Station.  

Greyhound Bus Station
Summers Street Scene
Fife Street
Greyhound Bus StationSummers Street SceneFife Street
Charleston Regatta
The Arcade
Virginia Street
Charleston  FestivitiesThe Arcade Virginia Street
Capitol Street
Capitol Street Part Two
Before the Town Center Mall
Capitol StreetCapitol Street Part TwoUrban Renewel
Town Center Mall
Marvin Motel
Roger Dean
Before the Town Center MallMarvin Midtown MotelBroad & Washington Street
Lyric Theater
WKAZ Poppa Jay
Charleston Memorial
Lyric Theater FirePoppa JayCharleston Memorial
Slack Street
Summers Street North
Slack StreetSummers Street NorthBuddy's Gulf Explosion
Rock Survey
Huskies Dairy Bar
The "Rock" Of CharlestonMisc Photos From The 70s
The Putnam County Pickers
Cross Lanes 1970The Putnam County PickersThe Great Winter Of 1978
New River Gorge bridge
Pot Plane
Valley Bell
Jump Off A Bridge
The Great Pot Plane Crash
A few 70s & 80s photos

Meadowbrook Country Club

Corridor G
Meadowbrook Country ClubCorridor G


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Many Photos Courtesy of Charleston Archives