"Third Annual Convention of Chief of Police and Peace Officers of West Virginia" on the steps of the old Capitol Annex which later became the Public Library.... 1915.

Charleston Police Dept


As part of the state convention of 1915,  the heaviest guys were weighed (see scales below) and won a prize.  These winners are thought to be from Clarksburg. Notice the photo's border. These guys would be considered lightweights in todays world.

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Meeting at the Elks Club on Quarrier &  McFarland Streets in 1915 


Elks Club on Quarrier &  McFarland Streets

Charleston Police Dept

Beautiful photo of the Charlesron Police Dept in 1917.  Likely taken at the old city hall.


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Charleston Police 1934

Charleston Police Force in 1934

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This August 25, 1952 photo announces the new summer uniforms donned by the Traffic Division.

First row L-R:   E. L. Greenleaf, R. W. Spradling, Tommy Wilson and H. O. Pauley.

Second Row: George Moran, A. W. Silverman, Captain Walter Cavender, E. R. Scott, J. E. Marshall, E. D. Crockett and W. Cody Roberts.

Third row: Ben Johnson, L. B. Cullifer, Cecil Thompson and Keith Dunn.

Photos courtesy Rusty Flowers, Rick Westfall & CPD.


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