50s & 60s Photos

These photos are mostly from the 50s & 60's
The era's represented here may also represent other era's.  

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Charleston Schools Mercer School Train
A few old elementry schools Mercer School The Elk School Train

Currey's Bicycle Shop

A&W Root Beer

Barlows Skating Rink

Currey's Bicycle Shop A&W Root Beer Barlows


Gold Dome Drive In

Bullit Street

Leonoros Gold Dome Drive In
 Joe Fazios & Bullit St
 Mount Vernon Milk
Patrick Street
Charleston National Bank
Mount Vernon Dairy
Patrick St Farmers Market Quarrier St  Breaks Through

Coonskin Park

Smith Street

Charleston Beer Joints

Operation Coonskin Smith Street Beer Joints

Shrewsbury St

Fleetwood Hotel

Charleston High School

Shrewsbury St Fleetwood Hotel Area Charleston High School
Bob Phillips Drive In

Trail Drive In

Sissonville Wv
Bob Phillips Drive In The Trail Drive In Slip Hill Sissonville Rd
West Side Aerial Photos A Few Old Hospitals
Charleston WV
West Side Aerial Photos A Few Old Hospitals Town Center Mall area
Orchard  Manor
Court St
Magazine Hollow Flood 1961
The ManorsThe Triangle District
Magazine Hollow Flood 1961

North CharlestonPiedmont Road

El Rancho

North CharlestonPiedmont RoadEl Rancho, Dick Reid, Buddy Starcher & Sleepy Jeffers
Kelly Axe-True TemperPatrick Street Bridge 1964Truslow Street  1952
Kelly Axe-True TemperPatrick Street Bridge 1964 & 1930Truslow Street  1952

Minotti-Gilmore HouseCharleston WVCharlestons Crime Of The Century
Minotti-Gilmore HouseSentz StreetCharlestons Crime Of The Century
Kanawha Valley DragstripHow I Survived The CrashThe Interstate
Kanawha Valley DragstripHow I Survived The CrashThe Interstate Path

The Chrysler TurbineThe Braxton County MonsterSome 60s cars
Charleston's Chrysler TurbineThe Braxton County Monster
featuring Hugh McPherson
Some 60s Sports cars

St AlbansSummers St
Laidly St
St AlbansMisc Photos
Laidly Street

Burger Boy FoodoramaValley Motor Sales
Frontier Drive In
Burger Boy Food-O-RamaValley Motor SalesFrontier Drive In

Midget RacerDutch RidgeEllis Market
Local Midget RacersThe Camping TripEllis Market on Main St

Stonewall JacksonCapitol RestaurantTip Top
Stonewall Jackson High SchoolThe Capitol Restaurant CollapseWynns & Tip Top Drive In

Kanawha CityCokeMagic Island
Misc Photos of Kanawha CityRummels Coca ColaMagic Island


Murderer’s  BaptismHodos
Shoneys contest of the centuryMurderer’s Baptism on Sugar CreekHODO'S Drive In

The GreystoneAriel Square FourHeart O Town
The Greystone
The Ariel Square FourHeart O Town Motor Inn

The Leo Photos
Heck's Discount
Jean Carson
Charleston's Jean Carson

Silver Bridgebank
The Silver Bridge TragedyThe Bank - Hotel Blocks
North Capitol Street

Christmas in the 50sFazio Murder3rd dor
Christmas In The 50'sThe Horrible Fazio MurderThe 3rd Door

Big StarCarl AgstenDouglas Barrel
Big Star SupermarketThe Amazing Agsten PhotosThe Douglas Barrel Co.

todelinnGreens FeedCarbide
The Tod-El-InnGreens Feed & SeedThe Carbide Invention

Buried Alive Parkins Motors
Charleston Fire Dept.
Buried Alive in the 60s. Parkin's Studebaker

Rollyson Volkswagen Ice Pick Surgery Chuck Yeager
Rollyson Volkswagen The Lobotomist in WV The Great Chuck Yeager

Husky's Dairy Bar

Husky's Dairy Bar


Area Minstrel Shows

Manson - Charleston History

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