You're looking towards the intersection of Sissonville Rd (Rt 21) at 7th Ave in North Charleston in 1950.  The church is still there today,  and other than that.... there's nothing interesting about this photo.  But I wanted to set this up for the following photo which looks in the opposite direction towards North Charleston: 

You see, I was told by a good friend who is close to 80 years old and spent much time working in the brick business that there used to be an overhead tram in North Charleston that carried raw clay from up on the hill,  and over 7th Ave to the river,  where it was made into brick.  I asked several old timers about this but no one could remember it.  I was wondering if my friend might be starting to "forget things" as we all do eventually.

But then I found this photo......


If you look closely,  you will see the two long tram buildings up on the hill in the top photo.  The cable is down by now and the Standard Brick & Supply Company plant has closed.  I showed this to my friend and he recognized this right away. This bridge by the way is still there.  While few might find this interesting,  I think anything that has to do with large buckets of clay flying overhead in the city.... to be pretty cool.  Below is a map illustrating this clay operation and brick making plant.


North Charleston Brick Plant

This is the Standard Brick & Supply Company plant. Photo taken from across the Kanawha River.

If you want to see and learn more about the area's brick plants,  click  HERE


Hi Way Inn

In a few years, the name was changed.....

Hi Lo Restaurant

Hi Lo Drive Inn

Hi Lo Location


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