Charleston General Back Again On Elmwood Ave

Charleston General

The hospital was moved back to Elmwood Ave by 1924, across the street from the original.


Charleston General Sheltering Arms

Charleston General was at this time combined with the well known Sheltering Arms Hospital in Hansford WV.   Sheltering Arms was open from 1888 until 1923. The nursing school was added in 1902.   Sheltering Arms could care for 800 patients.  Under hospital policy, "Persons with contagious diseases, or those caused by immoral habits, not received."  The reason for such a relatively large hospital in that area were the industries:  Coal, timbering, and the railroads all helped to contribute patients to Sheltering Arms.

Charleston General

Years later in the 60s,  the hospital was expanded to the east with a new wing.


Charleston General

This is when my mom worked there as a nurse and we lived a few doors down.

Charleston General

The nursing school and dormitory were located across the street from the hospital. This would later become the WVU Medical Center building.  This building is still there today.

Charleston General School of Nursing


Charleston General Nursing Class of 1950


Another 1950s nursing class at Charleston General

Charleston General

These two photos are from the 1960s

Charleston General

Charleston General Hospital

Main entrance on Elmwood Ave

Elmwood Ave  Charleston General

This is me acting like the typical dorky 15 year old in front of my house on Elmwood Ave.  You can see a bit of the nursing school in the background on the right, while the hospital is on the left. The picture on the right of course is my mom.

Charleston Gen Hospital

Here you can see the old hospital buried in the new complex.  The red square is the original hospital, expanded later to the rear. The yellow square is the new addition in the 60s.  The green square is the nursing school.  Elmwood Ave ran right through the middle .

Some photos courtesy of CAMC archives


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