THE ROCK 100 OF 1972

I was a DJ for years in the late 60s and 70s, and worked with a lot of great guys like "Poppa Jay Jarrell - The Daddy-O-Of The Rad-E-O" and Ric Robinson who later joined the State Police and married Sheila Gray from Channel 3.  Also started in radio the same week working with Rick Johnson, who currently is still on the air.  The funny thing about the music of 71/72 was that we had some HORRIBLE music to hit the charts, (My Ding-A-Ling) but also had what are NOW considered classics... like "Nights In White Satin" ... "Laya"... and "Stairway To Heaven".  By the way, the drawings you see above were done at the old Diamond Department Store.  At the time we didnt care for them. 


As the Interstate was starting to make it's way to Charleston, we took one of the boulders that they removed and placed it on the corner of Capitol Street and Quarrier.  This property once held the big bank building, but was now removed to make way for a McDonalds. That corner has been bad luck for business to this very day. Anyway, we then ran a contest called "How Heavy Is The Rock".  This of course was a play on words for our radio station.  We were located in the new National Bank Of Commerce and could look down on Hale Street.  I used to do the "Hale Street 500" on the air... until I was caught and told to knock it off.  Hahaha...



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