A Few Misc Photos From The 70s

Cantley Drive

Texaco on Cantley Drive just off Corridor G
Cantley Drive


Cantley Dr

North Charlestob

Huskeys Dairy Bar on 7th Ave in North Charleston

Quarrier St

Vicinity of the Sears Auto on Quarrier Street

Anderson Black Rock

 Black Rock on Spring Street.  Foodland is now on this property.

Anderson Blackrock

Summers St

Summers Street at Fife


Texico on Kanawha Blvd at Berkley St.   Quite a few Stonewall girls worked here pumping gas as a promotion.

Orchard Manor

The store across the street from Orchard Manor in 1979 looked like something you'd find in the Bronx

South Charleston

 A typical 70s photo:  WV Bus and clothes gives this one away in South Charleston

South Charleston

Another South Charleston Scene.  Notice the AMC Javlin in the lower right corner.


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