Panoramic Photos

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Possibly never before seen.....

Capitol Street Pan

A Most Amazing Photo Of The Capitol Street Area

Courtesy of Snook Holbert

Three Photos of Downtown Charleston


Charleston wv 1920

Downtown Charleston 1920

Charleston at the turn of the Century taken from Capitol Hill

Wonderful Panorama of the Elk River area.   

(The suspension bridge in this photo used to be the Virginia St. Bridge and was moved here)


Kanawha City looked like this when Billy Mitchell landed his bombers here

Kanawha City 1919

Kanawha City 1919 on the East Side of the LOF plant

Photo courtesy of  Candy Brown Briles

Kanawha City

LOF Kanawha City plant from the south looking north

Photo courtesy of  Rich Callard

This Kanawha City panorama taken about 8 years after the one above.


This was taken from the South Side of Charleston



Edgewood Area with golf course.

North Charleston 1920

North Charleston ( Dogtown)  1920

South Charleston WV, 1919


South Charleston Naval  Ordinance Plant Area

South Charleston
South Charleston at MacCorkle Ave.  Stamping Plant on right

Most of these houses are still in Nitro today


The old Nitro Plant

 New!  See "Letters from a soldier" about the Nitro plant HERE 



Over all shot of Dunbar 1924

This is a close-up of the Dunbar photo above.  In it you will see the Gravely Tractor building.  Dunbar Flint Glass Company, and the Whittemore Glass Company among others.  Notice also the cattle scattered about!  If you have anything to add, let me know. Be aware that this photo is 5 Megs,  so hopefully you have high speed internet!

Dickinson Property

Quincy - The John Dickinson Property in Eastern Kanawha County

Campbells Creek

Cedar Grove at the mouth of Kelly's Creek


Montgomery WV

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