I would love to get as many old photos as possible on the My WV Home website.  Here are some guidelines:

1.... All photos should be submitted in JPEG format.   Please ask someone how to do this.

2.... All photos should be a MINIMUM of 1400 pixes wide.  Larger photos are always better.  But never over 3 megs.

3.... As a general rule, photos of individuals will not be used,  as these are of only interest to the family.    However, if the background has anything interesting in it,  the photo may be posted.

4.... Credits:  Photos will receive NO CREDIT unless specifically asked for.  The reason for this is that some people may not want their name attached to the photo,  or their name on the internet.  So if you want credit,  be sure to tell me.

5....  All photos submitted automatically becomes the property of the website.  The reason for this is that I spend too much time and effort building the page and adding the information, to have some fickle person decide that they've changed their mind about posting their photo.   I wont waste time on a photo if I think it will be removed for any reason.

6... I reserve the right to "clean-up" any photo that needs it,  or slightly alter the photo in an effort to make it more presentable.  This includes, but is not limited to: removing Power Lines etc from the photo.


Your use of this site indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

These are the only guidelines and as you can see,  are pretty simple.  Let's look at those photos now!  Submit your photos to:  ( replace the AT with the @ sign first.  This is to avoid Spam Bots )


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