Map is a little old of course,  as the Soviet Union is now Russia

Estonia is not much bigger than WV in both size and population.  However,  it's two largest largest cities Tallinn (the capital) and Tartu (the university town)  have a population of 350,000 and 100,000 respectively.   Estonia is so far north , that at this time of year there is little darkness at night.  When I was there,  the sun came up and the birds were singing at 3 am!

In business ratings.. Estonia is number 4 in the world.  The U.S is number 14.  Estonia is mostly flat but has very small rolling hills. Estonia,  like WV is mostly forested,  with pine trees being the dominant tree.  Estonia was conquered by many of it's surrounding neighbors over the centuries,  due to it's tiny size.  Russia was the last,  but after the wall fell,  gave Estonia back it's independence.

Estonians for the most part hate the Russians because under Soviet rule,  during W.W.II... almost 2/3s of Estonians were killed outright or sent to Siberia where they died. Old Town in Tallinn is one of the oldest medieval cities in Europe, and Tartu University has drawn people from all over Europe for centuries.

When two Estonians converse, bystanders could imagine they are hearing birdsong.  In fact, the Estonian language is one of the most euphonious and onomatopoeic in the world. There is no shortage of words describing various subtleties of natural sound, made by wind, water and forest, while at the same time the number of words describing tastes and smells is quite small when compared with other languages.


Estonia is known for it's beautiful women.  Here is an example
of a girl who belongs to the Estonian Defense Force


Who would want to fight?

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  So as we say in Estonia.....

Hoia ennast mu armas sõber, & loodan sind varsti näha!

Ole tubli!!