Capitol & Quarrier Street Area
Capitol Street

This never before locally published photo is one of the best I've seen. It shows the new U.S. Post Office and Courthouse in 1914, construction starting in 1911. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia met here until 1965. To the right is a walkway and parking area.  Today that is Quarrier Street. ( It was not a through street until 1958.)  Prior to this building, the property held the old Charleston Post Office and Court House (and Custom House... see below)  The first thing that catches my eye in this photo is the wonderful railing around the top of the building, which has long been removed. Also notice that every window and door on the ground floor has ornamental bars over them, to keep out the criminals.

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Capitol Street

This is my grandmother and Aunt walking on Capitol St. in 1943.  Notice the old Post Office light in the background.

Charleston WV

This is the Post Office and Courthouse that stood in the same spot as the building above, until 1911.  It was built in 1883.  

Charleston WV Post Office

Looking towards Summers Street, you see the Arcade on the left and the bank on the right.  Quarrier Street would later be on the right.

Capitol Street Charleston WV

Of all the many Charleston postcards I've seen in my lifetime,  this is my favorite.  The photo was taken at the turn of the century and then hand colored.  I scanned and cleaned-up the card and through the magic of today's computers,  produced the image you see here.  I wont bore you with details of the photo,  other than to say that the building on the right is still being used as a library,  and all of the buildings on the left are still standing on Capitol Street. The building with the NuWay sign is long gone and the bank building that took it's place is now there... except it's no longer a bank business.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.       Postcard courtesy of Sherry Hill of Charleston

Capitol St

One of the best shots of Capitol Street in the 20s, taken in the same area as the photos above.

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