ATV Winch

This is a cheap 1000 pound Harbor Freight winch that cost me $23.   I welded a handle onto it for stability.   Last week I got stranded in deep sand in a creek,  15 feet from shore.  The back end of the ATV was under water and my compartments flooded.  I took the winch out of the flooded compartment and proceeded to the nearest tree.  I hooked up and that 700 pound Grizzly 660 came right out of that hole.  

I have a 2000 pound electric winch that I've never used.  The main reason is that I go through deep creeks all day long,  and I didnt see a need to keep that winch submerged all the time.  Not only that,  but it's larger and much heavier than this simple winch.  AND, it need electricity to operate.   My homemade winch fits easily into my compartments and stays dry.  (usually),  

Final fact:  When you use this winch, all the tension is front & back (tree to ATV) which means that the handle is just for light stability.  There's NO twisting to speak of,  so it's easy to crank under load.