Pam on top of my shoulders at 8 thousand feet
Jerry , Melissa and Pam do Crew.  (Canopy stack)
Don, Melissa, Jerry, Eric, James at Ravenswood The crew at Xenia Ohio Eric, Melissa , Jerry & Pam as stars of the Joe Holland TV commercial
The bunch of us at Xenia Ohio at 10.000 Feet
Another beautiful day for CREW. Me-Pam-Mel
Pam & Melissa.  2 Great skydivers!

Most of the above photos  were taken by me with a video camera.

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As many of you know, I was featured in an
article in "Skydiving" in Oct 2000 about
getting a "PRO" Rating through the FAA instead
of the USPA.   As a member of the USPA pretty
much since 1978, I've felt that for the most
part it was a very good organization. We've
had our differences but who doesnt?
However, about 2 years ago I called "Safety
and Training"  at USPA to  inquire as to why
a certain paragraph was removed  from the SIMs.
 It  was the paragraph that told you to see the
FAA for permission to jump into areas where
normally a USPA  license would be required IF
you didnt belong to  USPA  And that the FAA could
ask to see a demonstration of your skills to
make their decision.

Here is the part of the FAA Advisory Circular dated
1/2/91 and found at

(section d)  " If the applicant is unable to present
sastifactory evidence that he/she has the experience,
skill, and knowledge required for USPA/DOD
credentials, the FAA inspector may require a
demonstration of comparable skill before issuing
the authorization."

Note the use of the word "may".  That doesnt mean
he HAS to.  i.e. If for instance he is already aware
of your skill level, he's not required to force you to
make a demonstration jump.  On the other hand,
few officers would sign off on a "Pro" rating without
being absolutely positive of your skill level.

Anyway, what I got from a certain head of
USPA safety was a snotty reply as to why it
had been removed and how I'd never be  able
to do Demos without  the USPAs blessing.
He went on to tell  me how the USPA had the
FAA in their  back pocket as far as ratings and
the ability to do demos.  He told me that I
would be completely  wasting my time to approach
the FAA  for approval, and that my demo days
were over without USPA..... "We are God now"
was his implication while snickering the whole
time. THATS what pissed me off...
now it was personal.

So the rest as they say is history, and page
12 of Octobers "Skydiving" gives a good
account of what transpired next. (although a
misunderstanding led to a 20 foot landing area
that was really only 3 foot)

Anyway, point is that I still think the USPA is
a great organization, but like all entities that get
a little too big for their britches, needs a
reality check now and then. And if it  ever comes
to pass that my government can force me to
belong to a private organization in order to meet
any regulation set forth by my government
I'll move to Russia.

PS...see where I did my Demo for the
FAA by clicking .......   HERE


"You  call,   we fall,   that's all"...

There are no words to describe SKYDIVING....
To understand it,  you must DO it!
From 18 to 80....Everyone can enjoy the thrill
of FREEFALL, in the form of a TANDEM JUMP!

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